Decorative Bath Towel Sets

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It is often the little details that make all the difference in intimate spaces. Just like crown molding provides a beautiful finish to a room's architectural design, decorative towels add sparkle to a home's bathroom. These embellished towel ensembles usually include a bath towel, a hand towel and a fingertip towel. They can be arranged in multiples or as a single set. We carry designer bath towels by Sherry Kline and Austin Horn, featuring sophisticated designs and plush, high-quality materials.

Our guest hand towels sets are made of thick, velour cotton that give the look and feel of being in a sumptuous spa. Besides rich colors and patterns, our towels often have ends that are finished with custom stitching, tassels and fringe. While our fancy bath towels are meant to serve as decorative elements in bathrooms, we know that family and friends won't want to resist their luxurious feel. Subsequently, spot cleaning the towels is recommended to keep them free of dirt and dust and to avoid marring their deluxe appearance through rough machine washing.