Luxury Bath Rugs

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There are many durable flooring options on the market today, but carpet remains a solid choice for many people because of the comfort and styles that it offers. If it weren't for inherent moisture issues, these people would likely carpet their bathrooms to avoid the unpleasant coldness and hardness of tile on bare feet on cold, winter mornings. We believe that our large, plush bath rugs offer a comfortable, stylish compromise.

We know that in a pinch one can always throw down an old bath towel to stand on after a shower. However, for everyday elegance and comfort, our designer bath rugs offer more suitable options. The mats you’ll find here are absorbent and are made from polyester or a cotton polyester blend. They have the look of actual carpeting, which helps to tie decorative elements in the bathroom to those in other rooms and hallways in a home.

We carry designer bath mats by Sherry Kline, which is a brand of Pacific Coast Home Furnishings. Since 1989, the Sherry Kline brand has delivered quality bedding and bath accessories including high-end bathroom rugs to consumers across the country.