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Wash & Care Instructions

Comforter Care:

Comforters consisting of polyester or polyester blends should be dry cleaned or spot cleaned only. Because the delicate fibers of polyester comforters can easily become snagged and pull apart, we never recommend putting your comforter in the wash.
Comforters consisting of 100 percent cotton can be machine washed warm.

Duvet Care:

Duvet covers should ideally be dry cleaned or spot cleaned only. Although it's possible to turn your duvet cover inside out to prevent the pulling of fibers, polyester and rayon often bleed, shrink or lose their crispness when laundered.
If you prefer the wash, hand wash in cold water with mild detergent only. Air-dry. Duvet covers consisting of 100 percent cotton can be machine washed warm.

Sheet Care:

Our sheets are made of pure cotton percale, which offers a superior level of comfort and lasting durability. The difference is in the weave. Percale offers a tight weave that results in crisp, breathable luxury bed sheets that hold up beautifully wash after wash.
Percale can be machine washed warm.

Towel Care:

Our decorative towels consist of a high-quality cotton towel/ polyester blend. In order to prolong your towels' crisp color and the quality of their intricate stitch work, we recommend spot cleaning only.

Bath Mat Care:

Our bath mats consist of 45 percent polyester, 30 percent rayon and 24 percent cotton. This blend ensures out bath mats are strong while remaining flexible, moisture-absorbent and breathable, and soft to the touch. Bath mats can be machine washed in cold water and hung to dry or dried on low heat.

Outdoor Pillow Care:

Our outdoor pillows use Sunbrella brand outdoor fabric. Sunbrella fabric utilizes dyed acrylic threads, which are then woven into a pattern. Sunbrella acrylics are soft, durable and flexible, similar to cottons or polyester fabrics. This fabric should be spot cleaned.

Indoor Pillow Care:

Although many of our customers mix and match our selection of pillows to use Sunbrella inside, we offer a wide range of dedicated indoor pillows for your sofa, bed and accent areas. Our pillows feature brilliantly colored polyester fabrics and strong yet flexible polyester fills. A spot clean is recommended.

Quilt Care:

Whether you use a quilt as a part of your main bedding, as a bed accent or to snuggle up with while watching TV, a 100-percent cotton quilt is easy to maintain and care for. Wash your quilt in cold water and tumble dry it on a low setting.

Sleeping Pillow Care:

Occasionally, bed pillows will need to be washed. Our selection of Sherry Kline bed pillow are easy to care for. Each can be machine washed in cold water on the gently cycle. Bleach should not be used on these pillows. Your pillow can be tumble dried on a low temperature.

Sherry Kline pillows utilize a range of fabrics. We carry 100 percent sateen cotton pillows, microfiber pillows and Sorona/polyester blend pillows.

Sateen is a cotton weave with a high thread count and a satin-like sheen. This fabric is extremely soft. You may enjoy microfiber is you're concerned with stains or moisture. Microfiber has a superior resistance to staining and is capable of wicking moisture away from skin. Like sateen, it can be laundered in the cold wash. Sorona is a DuPont fabric that's been designed to be exceptionally soft while at the same time being strong. This fabric is eco-friendly and is USDA bio-based certified.

Shower Curtain Care:

Rarely, your shower curtain will need to be cleaned. Our polyester shower curtains can be machine washed in cold water using the gentle cycle. Use regular detergent without bleach. Tumble dry. Medium iron as needed.

Table Runner Care:

Chances are, your table runner is either a semi-permanent fixture on your formal dining room table or you only bring out this decorative piece for holiday festivities. Either way, it's unlikely you'll need to launder a table runner often or extensively. When you do, use a spot clean method. Avoid bleach and other chemicals. Let the table runner air dry.

Pet Bed Care:

Our pet beds are comfortable, practical and easy to care for. Their microplush exterior is soft, cuddly and super plush. The pet bed's center cushion can be removed for a quick cleaning, and the entire bed is 100 percent machine wash and dryer safe.